Delve Singapore curates and reviews both
financing & investment opportunities .


Delve Singapore curates and reviews both financing & investment opportunities with
requirements that incorporate high watermarks, all of which need to be met before being
considered for empanelment on our list of official funding partners.

Reflecting our founders’ philosophy, Delve Singapore remains innovative in its approach,
flexible yet responsible in its actions and well connected to influential partners,
delivering significant value to clients; from the most basic consultancy services we provide,
to the more complex commercial opportunities we identify for facilitation

We also employ the highest levels of compliance and risk governance; work with advisory
partners and professional independent consultants and
boasts investment partnership relationships.

These relationships enable Delve Singapore the ability to introduce third party
investment opportunities on a bespoke basis to select investors with special interests. This
ever-expanding partnership network sees us well positioned as a channel to facilitate a wide range of third party funding requirements


We are an online credit marketplace with a difference.


Not just facilitating SMEs financing, private equity funding and alternative investments, Delve Singapore has created and continues to develop a platform where:

  1. Borrowers can raise funds in the most efficient and inclusive structure. We empower them with better access to traditional and alternative sources of financing to reduce processing time and borrowing costs. And at the same time, we are committed to enriching their financials via innovative advancements.
  2. Investors can gain access to a plethora of deals and projects carefully selected and curated by Delve Singapore’s experienced team and our proprietary algorithms. Connecting them to a real-time Secured, Intuitive, Transparent and Systematic platform (SITS) that provides superior risk adjusted returns.
  3. Intermediaries can list their own network of borrowers and investors onto the platform, where we will scour various internal databases in our open ecosystem platform to obtain the most suitable match. Intermediaries will continue to earn their agreed fees upon every successful match.

(Note: Platform security makes sure that all information on is treated with full confidentiality and encrypted. Selected data is only revealed to authorized users, and a full data set will never be shared with any one party)

Delve Singapore operates fully online with no branch infrastructure, using technology to lower costs, shorten processing time and deliver an incredible experience.

We are building as an ingenious financial architecture, where borrowers can receive competitive financing, obtain instant quotes on insurance, engage in momentum accounting, create bespoke smart contracts, innovate their business processes and successfully predict their budget, at any time from any point of data entry, by creating an integrated ecosystem with a secured identity network to link our infrastructure with that of our esteemed partners.

And through this financial ingenuity of a platform, our members can gain access to real-time credit information of our community of borrowers. Reducing risk of credit fraud and compliance costs in a trust less environment, expediting the investing decision making and loan processing time, and disrupting the natural state of financial inflexibility.

We’re transforming the traditional marketplace structure here.

It is time for banking to be placed in the hands of those who needs it.


Management Team

Matthew Liang
CEO & Co-Founder

I started as a retail trader over 10 years ago before diversifying my focus into private equity deals that leveraged real asset collateralization and proper debt/equity structuring.

2 years later, my investment portfolio has become more vibrant than ever. That prompted me to shift 80% of my portfolio into these deals, and that itself is my testimony to the safe and potential returns of alternative investment when it is handled appropriately. After countless discussions with like minded people, we began to conceive a digital space that will open up these opportunities that I have been exposed to, and thus Delve was born.


Board of Advisors

Montague Choy
Legal Counsel
Partner, Clifford Law

Kelvin Loh
CFO Advisor
Director, Corporate Back Office

Jon Gresham
Credit Structuring
Director, TMA

Arthur Wong
Wealth Management
Director, Totalis Capital


Open Positions

Freelance Sales




  • Driven
  • Minimum 2 years experience in the Finance Sector


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