Financing Options


At Delve SG, we offer more than one type of financing assistance. Here are some of the services we offer to our clients.


Term loans are what most people are familiar with.

The financier loans a sum of money to the borrower, and the borrower returns an agreed amount as installment every month up to the completion of the loan.

Term loans are usually based on floating or fixed interest rates. So their risk factor varies as well.


Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing or Factoring is a financial solution that allows businesses to sell its receivables (assets) in the form of invoices to financial institutions. This is highly beneficial for businesses with a mismatch of receivables versus payables. In most instances, payables have to be fulfilled much earlier than receivables, potentially creating a shortage of cashflow. Delve understands the need for short term cash spending when companies scale up or diversify their businesses, we are proud to have served a number of such clients, as a one-stop solution oriented financing facilitator, which allowed our clients to be exposed to multiple financial institutions in a single credit application.



You Sell something

It is not uncommon for clients in the industry to propose 30 day credit terms. We understand: sometimes cashflow get slowed by circumstances and will need a turnaround time to pay. However, when it comes to 90 days or up to project completion, their turnaround will become your backlog, and that is not good.


We take the invoice

Yes we do. The financier will vet the invoice and proceed with the paperwork along with any necessary checks to facilitate the financing.


And release payment

Once our financing partners process the paperwork, we will release the funds to you at the first available notice.


About Working Capital

Working capital is the cash available to finance a company's short-term operational needs. Sometimes a company does not have the adequate cash on hand to cover daily operational expenses. Therefore, working capital loans are simple corporate debt borrowings that are used by a company to finance its daily operations.


Lease Financing


Lease financing is where the owner of an asset gives another person the right to use that asset in exchange for periodical payments. The owner of the asset is known as lessor and the user is called lessee.

The periodical payment made by the lessee to the lessor is known as lease rental. Under lease financing, lessee is given the right to use the asset but the ownership lies with the lessor and at the end of the lease contract, the asset is returned to the lessor or an option is given to the lessee either to purchase the asset or to renew the lease agreement.


Maybe we can Help.

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